Just Starting!

I am in denial!  Christmas can't seriously be so close!  Why is it that every year I tell myself to be prepared where Christmas cards are concerned and then never am?!?  Well all I can say is "whatever", "what will be will be".  At this point in time I have three cards completed...yay!  That means three VERY lucky people :)  So here they are..

I had to go bright, and I had to use my Inktense pencils.  Why you ask?...simply because I love them.  The backgrounds have been made using the Inktense blocks (I snuck that purchase a little while ago) and they make it soooo quick!

The pink and purple turned out great I think, but my favourite would have to be the blue and green, but then that might have something to do with blue being my favourite colour!  An orange one will be on the cards next!

Have a great week everyone.

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